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Project Nyx
Home of my stories ...
I think I've finally managed to figure out how I want to proceed from the end of the last chapter. And I've actually managed to get it outlined. I'm also think of switching Point of View for the second chapter, which will be good for the story though I've never thought of writing from a different point of view other than Jonathan's or Ariel's. We'll just have to see how it turns out.

I'm also still struggling to find a title for this madness. The one that's held true for years was "A Death Date with Destiny". But I recently decided that it didn't feel right; it's too long or too wordy. So, right now it's simply Jonathan's Story.

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    Jonathan lay curled on his side, trying to defend himself. The vampires stood around him, grins wide as they laughed and joked as they hit him. Jonathan looked around for his brother and saw him lying motionless in the grass. “Seth!” he screamed, tears mixing with his hair, dirt, and the rain that had begun to fall. He tried fighting his way through the vampires to reach him, hoping that his older brother was only unconscious.
    A voice of authority called out over the group, “That’s enough. Lord Markus doesn’t want him seriously hurt.” Two of the closest vampires took Jonathan’s arms, holding him tightly in their steel-like grips as they turned him around to face the vampire that had spoken.
    He stood taller than the rest of the vampires; the black t-shirt and jeans he wore only accented the fact. His dark hair was cut short and spiked; his shady blue eyes cold and unfeeling. A bird called out in the distance.
    “Let me go!” Jonathan screamed at them. He pulled at his arms and continued to struggle in their grip as he yelled again.    “What do want with me?”
    The vampire stepped closer to him, looking the boy over. “Markus will tell you when he’s ready.” He turned around and started walking through the trees. “Let’s go, the sun won’t wait for us.”
    “Master Ariel,” one of the other vampires called out, “what about the other boy?”
    The taller vampire kept walking, “Leave him, Lord Markus only wanted the one and I’m sure the wolves would enjoy a nice meal for a change.”
    “No!” Jonathan yelled.
    “But Lord Ari-“the vampire continued.
    “Leave him.”
    “Seth!” Jonathan screamed as they dragged him off.

    The room was sparsely furnished, just holding a large bed and a nightstand. There was only one window, barred and as tightly locked as the door opposite from it. Jonathan sat underneath the window, staring at the sunlight as it crept across the floor. They’d half-carried, half-dragged him through the forest to this large house, shoving him into the room just as the first light of the false dawn had crept up on the night sky. He sighed, thinking back to earlier that week, to when Seth had first mentioned the trip.
    “I can’t go, Seth. I’ve still have work and that bloody research report to do. I don’t have time to go camping.”
    “Of course you do! Look, I’ve already arranged everything for you. I talked to Jim at the bookstore; he said as long as you made up the hours when you got back, it’d be fine.”
    “What about my report?”
    “I don’t know, procrastinate and do the whole thing on Sunday like any other high school student?”
    “Well, I guess I could do some of the rough draft in the car-“
    “Yeah! Bring your books with you. You can read in the car on the way up there and we’ll come back early Sunday morning so that you have all day to type it up. Come on, Jon! It’s the last three day weekend of the year. I’m leaving right after graduation to visit Dad, and going straight to college after that. This will be the last chance we get to go out camping until after the new year!”
Jonathan remembered sighing as he gave in and almost immediately regretting it as that feeling of horror pushed it’s way to the surface of his emotions. The same horrid feeling he got before their mom was in a coma for a week after the car accident. The same feeling before the fire at school. The same one that kept him awake all night before September 11th.
    “I shouldn’t have said yes…” he mumbled. His thoughts turned back to trying to plot his escape. He hadn’t come up with much when he’d noticed that dusk had fallen.
    It wasn’t long before a scratching noise of the lock echoed through the room. The door swung open and the tall vampire from last night, the one they’d called Ariel, walked in. He stalked the few paces across the room and grabbed Jonathan by the arm and hauled him to his feet. “Markus wants to see you.”

    Jonathan soon found himself in a library, with floor to ceiling shelves, all filled to near breaking with books. In the center of the library, back by the tall arched windows that overlooked the dark rose garden and the distant forest that surrounded the old house, they found another vampire sitting in an arm chair reading an old, leather bound book. He looked up as they approached; setting his book down on a small side table that was partially hidden by the chair.
    This is the guy they keep talking about? Jonathan wondered. Ariel shoved him towards Markus as a couple more vampires, some from the night before, followed them into the room.
    “I trust you rested well, Jonathan?” Markus said with a smirk as he stood smoothing the wrinkles from dark gray suit he wore. His long, charcoal gray hair had been pulled back into a tight braid that fell down his back.
    Jonathan stood stock still a few feet from him, his face showing only a trace of the anger he felt inside himself. Markus closed the distance between them, taking two steps before he was right in front of him. He seemed to take Jonathan’s silence as an answer.
    “Why so quiet this evening?” the vampire began to walk a circle around him. “Was it, perhaps, something I said?”
    “Why don’t you just kill me already and get it over with?” Jonathan said, looking around, trying to keep his eyes on Markus.
    Markus glanced around at the other vampires, his gaze lingering a moment or two longer on Ariel who stood by the tall windows. He finally walked around to stand in front of the boy. “If I did that, my dear Jonathan, I would not be able to enjoy your company.”
    “Then why the hell am I here? What do you want with me?”
    “Well you see, my dear Jonathan, I want to turn you.” He paused for a moment, as if trying to gather his thoughts. “You hold a special type of power inside of you. A power that, once you have been turned, will come forward and make you a very –dominant vampire; Much like Master Ariel over there. And you, like him, are going to become a strong asset to me.” he said nonchalantly. Markus turned around, walking back towards the windows.
    Jonathan stared at him, a rage growing inside him as he tried to think quickly. Shit! What am I suppose to do now? He glanced around at the other vampires and noticed that the door they had come through was still open. Could I...? A chance, maybe, he thought. “And if I don’t want to be an asset to you?” he asked.
    “I am afraid you do not have a much choice in the matter,” Markus replied with his back to him.
Markus turned around again, “Well, what do you say we get on with it then?”
    Jonathan glared at Markus with his cold green eyes. “Never!” he yelled as he made a dash for the door, slipping past the vampires as if he had manage to catch them off guard. He made it; he wasn't sure how but he didn’t question it.
    Jonathan continued to run through the maze of doors and hallways, searching for a way out of this mansion of hell. He stumbled into a kitchen, feeling his way through the frigid darkness to an opening that gave way to an elegant rose garden. Jonathan ran, hearing a call of a bird as he headed for the forest; branches bombarding him as he entered it once again. He ran for what seemed like hours, struggling as his legs threatened to give way. His thoughts were fleeting. Would they catch him? His brother, would he run into him? Was his brother even still alive? His heart fluttered as he caught a glimpse of light through the trees up ahead.
    Jonathan lurched to a stop and found himself standing on the edge of a cliff, looking out at the city that foreshadowed his freedom. He heaved a sigh of relief, still trying to catch his breath, as he began searching for a way down the dangerous slope before him. From the trees behind him, Jonathan heard the unmistakable sound of a snapping branch. With eyes wide, he spun around into the waiting grip of the taller vampire. He desperately tried pushing the figure away; fighting as he felt the sharp pain of a bite upon his neck and his strength consumed slowly as he unwillingly sank into a darker world.
A/n: Yay!! I found it!! I'll delete the other posts at some point.


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I'm turning Project Nyx into my writing site. I'm going to add as I write over the summer, and as soon as I find everything I need, I'll post the first bit. Subject lines will become the chapter titles, and entries for the text. I'm going to try and keep this community to the one stroy line, which probably won't be too hard as it seems I can't write about anything else.

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